Nantucket Elements

This collection includes items created by Nantucket-based jewelers with Nantucket elements including Jessica Hicks, Melissa Dudley, Keely Smith, and Clay Twombly. All of their work is sterling silver and gold, and finished on island. Each of these pieces is a way for you to keep Nantucket close by no matter where you call home.
Amazonite Nantucket Mala Quick shop
Aquamarine Nantucket Mala in 14k Gold Quick shop
Blue Chalcedony Nantucket Mala Quick shop
Crazy Lace Agate Nantucket mala Quick shop
Dumortierite Nantucket mala Quick shop
Sand to Sky Nantucket Mala Quick shop
Sandalwood mala with Nantucket pendant Quick shop
The Grey Lady Quick shop

The Grey Lady

$ 298.00