Human skull in bronze

Human skull in bronze

$ 50.00

Made by The Lost Apostle.

From the designer:

"The detail on this human skull necklace is like few other skulls you'll find. Anywhere. There are some fine skulls here on Etsy but I gotta tell you, this one really will take some beating. Anatomically, this is the real deal. The nasal cavities, the teeth and jaw bone, the eye sockets - all nailed. But I think what really sets this guy apart is the detailing on the base of the skull. The tiny bone structures here are all captured beautifully - anatomical formations with grand names like the Occipital Condyle, the Mastoid Process, the Palatine and Sphenoid bones - they're all here. It took a ludicrously long time to finish this skull, and it's a real pleasure to be able to finally offer it here in my shop.

If it's a Skull necklace you're looking for, they don't come much finer than this. Not one to blow my own trumpet too often, I can admit I let it rip after finishing this beauty off - it just worked out perfectly. I've made a few human skulls in the past, all of which I was pretty happy with, but I think I raised the bar a little with this chap.

The balance of the skull is great, as is it's weight. The carefully considered placement for the hole allows the skull to hang perfectly - if I was any happier with this skull, I'd be twins.

The skull measures just over 3/4" high, and 1/2" wide. Completely hand carved (it took days), cast in the finest bronze, and entirely hand finished. I've hung this skull on a 24" gunmetal chain which sets the piece off perfectly."