Hummingbird skull in bronze

Hummingbird skull in bronze

$ 42.00

Made by The Lost Apostle.

Love this one too! It's in bronze. . .

This from the designer:

"There's no doubt about it, there are some beautiful Hummingbird skulls here on Etsy. Which is why we went back to the drawing board with ours to create something a little bit different. Like all our jewelry, this lovely little skull is completely hand carved in exceptional detail, and is so lifelike you'll find it hard to believe it wasn't cast from the actual bird. The hand carving approach also allows us to get creative, and so we worked in a beautiful flower and vine design onto the top of the skull. The flower, rather than being carved into the skull, is raised, as are the vine and leaves, all of which were positioned to add a really lovely balance to the piece.

We're pretty proud of this one.

The Hummingbird measures 38mm from the back of the skull (not including the jump ring) to the tip of its beak, by 12mm across the widest point of the skull. We made this piece a little larger than life as, quite frankly, this is one hummingbird skull you'll want to show off.

We've hung this piece on an18 " gunmetal curb chain and the dark chain looks great against the oxidized details on the skull.

As with all Lost Apostle jewelry, this skull is lovingly hand carved, cast in the finest jewelers bronze and hand polished to bring out the beautiful warmth and lustre of the bronze. The piece then has a special process applied which will ensure that the skull will not lose its polish - no need to worry about keeping it shiny.

I had a dream once that I was asleep, dreaming, and in that dream I was lying under a big tree looking down at a hummingbird that had landed on my chest, and at the same time I was also the hummingbird looking up at myself. Quite freaked me out at the time I have to admit, but I've loved the hummingbird ever since. Nadya, completely unknowingly, gave me a bonsai tree as an anniversary gift, with a hummingbird (a knitted one I should add) perched in the branches. Trees and hummingbirds, trees and hummingbirds..."