Octopus in "antique silver"
Octopus in "antique silver"
Octopus in "antique silver"

Octopus in "antique silver"

$ 54.00

Made by The Lost Apostle.

This little guy, or gal, really is awesome and adorable! Here, in white bronze. 

This from the designer:

"My Octopus necklace. He looks great in bronze, and now he's available in his new silver finery too.

I gotta tell you, so tell you I will - this guy is without doubt one of the most pleasantly satisfyingly nuggety octopussy's (octopi, apparently, is the correct word but I just ain't down with it) you'll ever have the joy of wearing. You just can't leave him alone. He just feels so good, looks so great and if he had tap dancing shoes on he'd be throwing shapes like an isosceles triangle in a food processor.

Like all my jewelry, this octopus is completely hand carved, cast in the finest white bronze and polished and finished entirely by hand. The octopus is then richly silver plated, and finally a special process applied to darken the recesses and really bring out the details.

Octopus. I've seen these things in the ocean, doing their thing. Man, their thing is cra-aazy. They talk by changing colour. Lose an arm? They'll just get right on it and grow a new one, no bother. And they've got three hearts. Three. It's why you never see any love-sick octopussy's moping about glumly - break a heart and they've got love in reserve.

This cephalopod measures 1" high and 3/4" across its tentacles and hangs beautifully from a 18" gunmetal chain.

Octopus, Octopi, Octopod, Octopussy. Whatever it's called, I'm so happy with this little dude if I had a tail I'd wag it. And if I had tentacles, wow things would get wild.